Mutter “Biennale Halloween, Amsterdam NL, 2023

Post ordinary @ PlanX Milan, It, Curated by Saša Bogojev, 2023

Once a revolutionary proposition that predicted humans' inevitable co-existence with intelligent machines is what the 21st-century people call "ordinary life". Our corporeal lives are intertwined with the digital sphere to the point we’re oblivious to the fact that much of our reality isn't real anymore. Logistically, mentally, as well as physically dependent on machines, computers, gadgets, and apps, our post-human existence is turning out to be post-ordinary. And the homonymous group show featuring Paraskevi Frasiola, Pavle Pavlović, and Einari Hyvönen, is exploring how our everyday reality deformed under the influence of ever-present technology. POST-ORDINARY is conceptualized by Saša Bogojev and presented at Plan X in Milan from the 24th of February until the 25th of March, 2023.
- Saša Bogojev
Mutter, Amsterdam NL, curated by Angels Miralda, 2021

Paraskevi Frasiola’s drawings depict the anxious digital landscapes of our times where representation in the form of facial expressions inhabit waters and mountains as recognizable emoji characters. Frasiola’s tongue-in-cheek statements parallel the digital universe of captions and catchphrases as well as memetic humorous identification methods in our consumption of landscape as instagram stories and travel pictures. Each painting is made in a detailed and time-consuming hand-made copy that rejects the digital economy of immediacy. Hands slowly trace water and the emotions that wash over of the human mind - changing the chemical composition of the body.
Microdraft @ Sign project space, Groningen NL, 2021